Discovering Food In My Pantry

So I’m pretty sure we’ve all gotten to that point where there’s just a ton of mismatched and partially used things in our pantries and cupboards.  I’m definitely there.  I’ve lived in
this apartment now for six years, three years longer than I’ve lived in any space.  And, as img_3166you can see, the pantry is getting a bit out of hand.  You can see that I did attempt to organize things at one point… but entropy is very real (don’t ask to see my Tupperware shelf).  So another reason for starting this blog now, along with everything in the manifesto, is that soon, I will be moving to a new space.  Currently, my pantry is overflowing with partially used containers of arborio rice, couscous, baking flours and sugars, along with, I’m sure, a lost box of mac and cheese somewhere in the back.  Time to get cooking!

The first cooking project, therefore, shall be Discovering Food In My Pantry.  I want to use this at an opportunity to try some new things, test-drive some new recipes, and learn how to use some of my new kitchen gadgets.

I cooked Part 1/? of this project last night, a risotto recipe adapted for an electric pressure cooker (my toy of choice is the Instant Pot IP-DUO50, but any will do).  I plan to share that recipe in the next couple of days.

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