Instant Pot Dal Makhani

img_3208Part 2/? of my Discovering Food In My Pantry series isn’t a recipe of my own invention, but rather is a very minimally adapted version of this Dal Makhani recipe from My Heart Beets.  Today’s ingredients?  Red lentils, urad dal/black gram (not pictured), and moong/mung beans.

I try any version of Dal Makhani I can get my hands on. While a vegetarian recipe, something in the combination of the beans, the caramelized onions, and the spice mixture gives this dish an almost meat-like quality, in spite of the fact that, should you choose to, you could make this recipe completely vegan.   Ashley’s recipe was the first version of the dish I’ve made without red kidney beans.  And it was delicious. For the lentil mixture, I used equal parts moong, red lentils, and urad dal.

In the future, I won’t soak the lentils first.  By soaking the lentils, draining them, and then putting in three cups of liquid, the dal came out a bit soupy, and I had to cook it down.  Lentils really don’t need presoaking in my experience, so I won’t bother in the future.

This recipe made six one-cup servings of dal, four of which were served for dinner and the remaining two were frozen for future lunches.  In addition to garnishing with cilantro, I added a healthy dollop of homemade yogurt, made in my Instant Pot with Team Yogurt’s recipe.  The recipe is a bit on the spicy end, so if you’re sensitive to heat, cut back on the cayenne and/or add yogurt.

My only changes to the recipe were to add the garam masala near the end of its preparation (rather than with all the other spices) and, of course, to throw in a few splashes of lemon juice.

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